Air Conditioning System Maintenance

Fully functional air conditioning is essential in Florida and some people need a working air heater for the cooler months. Regular maintenance keeps your heating and air conditioning systems running smoothly and efficiently for decades. Avoid costly repairs and inefficient performance with a maintenance visit from Harrell Home Services.

  • Keep Cool!
  • Save Money!
  • Reduce Noise!
  • Relax!

The certified technicians at Harrell Home Services will perform an eighteen point inspection multi-point inspection to review and improve heating system performance:

  1. Technicians inspect the furnace for combustible material.
  2. The exterior of the furnace is cleaned.
  3. The ignition system is tested.
  4. Technicians test the ducts for carbon monoxide.
  5. The exhaust system is tested for proper venting.
  6. The thermostat is tested and calibrated.
  7. Return air is measured for temperature differential.
  8. All safety and control circuits are tested.
  9. Any fan belts are checked for tension.
  10. Existing air filters are cleaned or replaced.
  11. Blower motor air vents are cleaned.
  12. The furnace burner is cleaned and inspected.
  13. The heat exchangers are cleaned and inspected.
  14. Visual inspection of all equipment for dangerous cracks and wear
  15. The gas pressure is measured and adjusted for efficiency.
  16. All amperage and voltage is confirmed for proper operation.
  17. All wiring is inspected and tightened if necessary.
  18. Technicians will check for any natural gas leaks.

Typical service calls include a comprehensive tune up at a very low cost. Harrell Home Services technicians will inspect and clean the entire system, measure the power usage, test and calibrate the system and exhaust, gauge the performance, and check for any leaks. Harrell Home Services also offers a comprehensive maintenance visit for air conditioners:

  1. The blower motor is pulled, cleaned and measured for proper amperage/voltage.
  2. The thermostat is tested and calibrated.
  3. The existing air filter is cleaned or replaced.
  4. The bearings are inspected and lubricated.
  5. The indoor coil is inspected if possible.
  6. The return air is confirmed.
  7. The condenser coil is inspected.
  8. The refrigerant is monitored and leveled.
  9. Safety devices are inspected and tested.
  10. Technicians will inspect the electrical disconnect box.
  11. Electrical wiring is inspected and tightened.
  12. The contacts are inspected.
  13. The electrical system is inspected for any exposed or loose wiring.
  14. All capacitors are inspected and tested.
  15. The fan blade is inspected.
  16. The condenser coil is cleaned and any debris removed.
  17. The service valves are inspected.
  18. Return air is measured for temperature differential.
  19. Duct work is inspected for any leaks.
  20. The compressor amperage and volt draw is monitored.
  21. The time delay relay is checked.
  22. The isolation pads are checked.
  23. The suction line is inspected.
  24. The fittings are inspected for leaks.
  25. The Freon lines and fittings are inspected.
  26. Any blower belts are checked and replaced if necessary.

Air conditioning and heating systems are the most expensive appliances most people will ever own. These systems require the regular maintenance and care of the certified professionals at Harrell Home Services. Keep you air conditioner running efficiently and avoid costly repairs.

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